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AIX CSD Opens Foreign Nominee Account with Russia’s National Settlement Depository


Astana International Exchange Central Securities Depository (AIX CSD) has opened a foreign nominee account with National Settlement Depository (NSD), Russia’s central securities depository.

Owing to this, AIX CSD was granted access to clearing and settlement services on the Russian market, as well as to a wide range of Russian financial instruments. Also, companies which issue securities via the Astana International Exchange (AIX) will be able to offer their ruble-denominated securities to both foreign and Kazakh investors.

Tim Bennet, Chairman of the Management Board of AIX, said:

“Gaining direct access to the Russian CSD will expand the range of options we offer our investors and will contribute to further development of Kazakhstan’s securities market.”

Anna Kolesnichenko, CEO of AIX CSD, added:

“We are happy to become a depositor of NSD, as this opens new investment opportunities for our clients. NSD is one of the leading depositories in our region; it provides its customers with a broad range of settlement services and services for nominees. We are happy to provide our clients with direct access to the Russian stock market.”

Denis Buryakov, Managing Director for Depository Operations of NSD, pointed out:

“We are happy to invite AIX, AIX CSD, and their clients to use our reliable high-tech infrastructure to operate on the Russian financial market. By expanding NSD’s network, we diversify participants’ risks and offer investors more options to enter Russia’s securities market.”

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