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Moscow Exchange’s Clients Got Access to NSD Trade Repository’s Data


In late 2020, Moscow Exchange and National Settlement Depository (NSD) launched a service that enables clients to get access to information from the NSD Trade Repository. Similar to information on on-exchange trades, data concerning OTC repo and derivative trades reported to the Trade Repository became available to market participants. The move made by the companies towards closer integration of their services will offer more comfort to clients within the Moscow Exchange Group and contribute to greater transparency in the financial market.

On 30 September 2020, Moscow Exchange’s clients interested in OTC market-related information were offered a trial period to get access to aggregated data on 95% of derivative and repo trades in the Russian OTC market. Initially, 17 companies signed up for the service, including Russian Agricultural Bank, AO Citibank, and ALOR+. Market players operating in both the on-exchange and OTC markets show great interest in the trusted source of unique aggregated information, and Group’s experts expect demand for the service to grow.

On 18 December 2020, the service was launched commercially and made available for a fee. The service can be subscribed for on the web site of Moscow Exchange.

Thanks to the service, clients can get aggregated information on OTC derivative and repo contracts, broken down by contract type, underlying asset type, and counterparty category. The ‘Trade Repository Data’ service (updated daily) offers users the following options (available on a daily or monthly basis):

  • track changes in the number and size of OTC contracts;
  • calculate the share of a user’s contracts as a percentage of the total contracts in the market; and
  • monitor market trends affecting various contract types.

“The global trend is emerging demand for access to data, specific and standardized information on trades and their parameters from a trusted source. The new service is fully in line with that trend, thanks to the synergistic potential of the NSD Trade Repository in conjunction with products and services of the Moscow Exchange Group. Benefiting from the long-standing expertise of the NSD Trade Repository, market players are able to get access to data on OTC derivative and repo trades that used to be inaccessible and use it to develop their business for the benefit of their own customers”>, said Anastasia Kiseleva, Managing Director for NSD’s Repository Operations.

The NSD Trade Repository has been operating since 2013. For the market, the Trade Repository is a systemically important institution that registers OTC trades and reports them to the regulator in accordance with all applicable requirements.

Thanks to its long-standing expertise in client relations, the Trade Repository has standardized and automated most processes and perfected the quality of data processing.

More than 1,000 financial market participants are clients of the Trade Repository. Over the period of its existence, the Trade Repository processed 28.7 million messages and registered 13.9 million trade reports and 221.9 million trades amounting, in aggregate, to RUB 3.1 trillion.

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