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NSD Publishes Russian Market Profile


National Settlement Depository has published a Russian market profile. It contains the latest information about the Russian stock market and its infrastructure based on the results of 2020.

The profile includes key market indicators: market capitalization, trading volume, assets under custody, the number of issuers of shares listed on stock markets, traded financial instruments, key market participants, the settlement cycle, etc. Russia’s macroeconomic indicators and current situation in the local settlement infrastructure incl. key events of the 2020 are also reflected in the document, as well as information about disclosure requirements, description of the corporate actions processing and taxation systems for local and international investors.

The market profile will be of interest to foreign professional market participants and non-professional investors. It is available in Russian and English in the pdf format and is published on NSD’s website.

Please send your comments and suggestions about the profile to Alexander Gorshkov (email: gorshkov@nsd.ru).

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